Lilitha Engineering

Lilitha Engineering Solutions is a wholly Black Owned and Managed Projects and Consulting Company that was established in 2005 as a Closed Corporation.

Over the years the Company endured momentous business transformation largely influenced by business needs and satisfying market service requirements.

The Company is now firmly grounded as a business and focused in its approach. It is currently a multi-discipline concern in the engineering field which has since been converted to a Pty (Ltd).

Our Vision and Mission

Lilitha Engineering Solutions strives to be an efficient and cost-effective consulting and project management firm of choice in the Mechanical, Civil and Electrical Engineering fields in South Africa metro areas through offering meaningful solutions to its customer base, in a technologically advanced environment. The Company offers safe, reliable and cost effective designs, solutions and services to our customers and thus uplift the standard and credibility of technical skills in South Africa.

Our Value Proposition

Driven by a passion to succeed in whatever sphere and enterprise we participate in, we subscribe to an ethos and philosophy that is underpinned by the following value proposition:

  • Honesty – Fostering trust in one another and in the services we provide to our customers;
  • Professionalism
  • Demonstrating a firm discipline, responsibility, objectivity and business ethics;
  • Humility and Respect – For all stakeholders;
  • Dedication- to employee Skills Development, business partners and customer base through sharing business opportunities, latest technology innovations available and experiences; and
  • Commitment towards Excellence – In quality, customer satisfaction, superior performance and organizational development.

Our Pledge

As an organization that always strives to be a Centre of Excellence, our pledge to our colleagues, customers, business partners and society is:

  • To offer innovative, affordable and practical engineering proposals and solutions;
  • To ensure that projects are performed with due consideration to Time, Cost, Performance and Value;
  • To maintain professional integrity and impartiality;
  • To ensure that projects are guaranteed to reflect sound engineering practice;
  • To support the Government drive and Country needs for job creation, education and training;
  • To maximize local sourcing of labour, spares and equipment.